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International students just like you love Los Angeles!

Enjoy the many opportunities to use English socially at school activities around Los Angeles!

Are you currently residing outside of the United States? Then follow the simple steps below to apply for your preferred ESL class! If you need help as you’re going through this process, you can read the FAQ or contact us (We do our best to respond within one business day.)

Step 1: Fill out this application

Online Application Form
Printable Application Form

Step 2: Determine total amount due

  1. Application fee = $100.00 USD
  2. I-20 Processing fee = $150.00 USD
  3. Tuition deposit
  4. Express mailing fee
  5. Optional service fees
    1. Housing placement fee
    2. Airport pick-up fee (LAX only)
    3. SEVIS registration fee (paid to USCIS)*

Step 3: Compile documents

  1. Paper application (if you did not use the online form)
  2. Copy of passport (photo page)
  3. Bank statement
    • Send your most recent bank statement
    • Statement must show a balance of at least $16,500.00 USD
    • Add $4,600 USD for each dependent family member (F-2) staying with you
    • If you have a sponsor
      • Include affidavit of support stating the sponsor’s responsibility for the student’s expenses
      • Include sponsor’s bank statement
  4. Payment
    • Credit card (Visa or Mastercard only)
    • Authorization form Download
    • Cashier’s check or international money order

Step 4: Send compiled documents to Cal-America Education Institute

Email: ,

Fax: 1. 213. 383. 5110

Mail: ATTN: Admissions,
Cal America Education Institute.
440 Shatto Pl, 2nd FL
Los Angeles, CA 90020 USA

Step 5: We mail to you the following:

  1. Cal-America acceptance letter
  2. I-20
  3. SEVIS fee receipt

Step 6: Apply for F-1 visa at the US embassy or consulate in your country

Take all of the documents we sent to you in step 5

Step 7: Study English in the USA

  • Make new friends!
  • Have new experiences!
  • Accomplish your goals!
  • Have fun!

*You have the option of paying this fee directly, rather than having Cal America register you.
**All applications from any countries other than the United States MUST include the express mail service fee. Cal America will not mail the documents and/or the I-20 to you if the fee is not paid, unless you can pick up documents yourself or arrange for someone to pick up your I-20 directly from our office during our office hours.
Please note that you must register for a minimum of 12 weeks of full time course of study in order to receive an I-20 from Cal America.
Your application will be processed once we have received all the required documents and fees listed above.
If you have any questions regarding applying to Cal America, please ask before you submit your application form to us.