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Today's lesson is from Matt!!!Matt is an English teacher at the Cal-America language school in Los Angeles.GO TO SHOPPING?!?!When I taught in Japan, the most common English mistake I heard was, without a doubt, "go toshopping". Today I want t...
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Guest blogger Matt!!!Google has made headlines by including in its dictionary a second definition of the word "literally". This new definition is the exact OPPOSITE of its true meaning!In English, there are special phrases called idioms. With an idio...
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Valentine’s Day!

Cal America Presents:…. Happy valentine’s Day & Happy Birthday Party Thursday, February. 14 .2013
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Scavenger Hunt

1/11/2013 , 11:35~12:45pm 3 Person Teams. Get Rewarded. Have fun!
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Fall 2012 Dean’s list!

Ceremony Date: December 21, 2012 @ 11 AM Our teachers have voted and the Dean’s List  winners for the  “BEST” and “MOST IMPROVED”  categories have been decided!  Please congratulate and give a round of applause for our  Fall 2012 Dean’s list students!! The ceremony to honor them will be held on Friday, December...
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Thanksgiving Pot–Luck Party

Thanksgiving Pot– Luck Party Date: 11/23/2012 , Time: 12:00 pm Location: The Dorms!!! 528 S. Hobart LA, CA90010
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