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Intensive English Language (IEP)

Course Length Tuition (USD)
4 weeks $ 700.00
8 weeks $1,400.00
12 weeks* $1,995.00
24 weeks $3,780.00
48 weeks $7,140.00

TOEFL iBT Preparation Course

Course Length Tuition (USD)
4 weeks $   830.00
8 weeks $1,600.00
12 weeks* $2,370.00
24 weeks $4,500.00
48 weeks $8,520.00

Business English Course

Course Length Tuition (USD)
4 weeks $ 700.00
8 weeks $1,400.00
12 weeks* $1,995.00
24 weeks $3,780.00
48 weeks $7,140.00

TOEIC Test Preparation

Course Length Tuition (USD)
4 weeks $   800.00
8 weeks $1,600.00
12 weeks* $2,280.00
24 weeks $4,320.00
48 weeks $8,160.00

TESOL Certification

Course Length Tuition (USD)
4 weeks $2,500.00

Who is the intensive English Language program for?

    1. Students who need a solid English language foundation
    2. Students who want to improve their interpersonal communication skills
    3. Students who want to improve their skills in reading and academic writing

We offer five different levels of IEP from Beginning to Academic.

Once you have completed the Academic course you may be able to enroll at one of our partner schools without a TOEFL score.
    1. Learn English quickly and effectively
    2. Learn English from American teachers who are passionate, friendly, and professional
    3. Get into college without a TOEFL score
    4. Enjoy yourself socially in the heart of Los Angeles
    5. Make new friends at school activities


This program is designed for students who possess minimal English knowledge and skills. Classes in the program begin with an introduction and/or review of basic grammar and vocabulary structures, and expressions and short conversations. It develops into expanded vocabulary exercises, advanced sentence structuring, use of idiomatic expressions, and extended conversations. Oral communication will be emphasized throughout the program.


This program is designed for students who possess basic English knowledge and skills including the ability to speak acceptable conversational English. It is aimed to enhance vocabulary and sentence structuring skills while being able to develop more complex sentences and paragraphs. Communication skills, both oral and written, will be expanded through the use of wider vocabulary and structuring organizational grammar patterns. Students will be expected to develop and express more abstract thoughts and ideas through repetitive exercises. They will also begin reviewing multicultural short stories and classic novels to increase cultural awareness and improved reading.


This program is designed for students who possess average English knowledge and skills and can carry relatively interactive English conversations. It includes a brief review of grammar and vocabulary as well as speech intonations used in daily English conversations. Students will be engaged in more thorough exercises in proper use of idioms both in written and oral communication. Assigned readings and video reviews will involve modern novels, TV clips and films in order for the students to adapt to the recent changes in American culture and society.


This program is designed for students who possess above average English knowledge and skills with the intention to prepare for admission to U.S. colleges and universities. Modular lessons are conducted with the classroom setting to provide adaptive learning experience. Students will be exposed to various college level instructional formats including essay compositions, research formats, speed reading, and basic presentation skills. Emphasis is placed on the mastery of listening skills and expanded speech communication skills.


This program is designed for students with superior English knowledge and skills with prior experience in attending college and university level classes in the United States. Students in this program intend to further enhance their current skills to an academic competency level. By the successful completion of this program, the student should be able to demonstrate core competencies in grammar and vocabulary, written and oral presentations, technical writing, and speech writing and delivery.

The TOEIC test has been respected worldwide since 1979

The TOEIC test has been respected worldwide since 1979

Test preparation for international students just like you!

This preparation course is designed to score you want on the TOEIC® exam. The course incorporates an intensive curriculum of critical reading and listening skills, as well as grammar and vocabulary. It benefits students from Hi‐ intermediate to Advanced levels. Additionally, the course utilizes up‐to‐date techniques to master the challenging writing and speaking sections of the new TOEIC test.

Take Cal America's Prep Course for the TOEIC® Test and you will get the English skills you need to succeed!

  • Become a desirable job candidate for international companies and industries
  • Get a competitive advantage over job seekers who don’t speak English
  • Become well prepared for student life at a top university
  • Provide accreditation for visa and naturalization progression
  • Practice English through tasks based on real-life workplace situations
  • The TOEIC test has been respected worldwide since 1979

  • Do you want to attend an American university?
  • Enroll today in a preparation course for the TOEFL® IBT!
  • Most colleges, universities, and other fine institutions accept TOEFL scores.
  • Develop your English proficiency and fluency while learning effective tips and strategies for taking your exam.
  • Get comprehensive English language training that covers both tests and includes grammar, writing, speaking, pronunciation, articulation, stress, intonation, reading, listening, and essential vocabulary.

This preparation course provides a comprehensive overview of college‐level listening, speaking, reading and writing skills needed to acquire a sufficient score on the Next Generation TOEFL iBT (internet‐based) exam for entry into colleges, universities and/or various fields of employment. This course is comprehensive and covers essential vocabulary for the TOEFL iBT test, grammar, writing, speaking, pronunciation, articulation, stress, intonation, reading, and listening. With bi‐weekly assessments of test‐taking strategies and methods, you will be able to develop a high level of English language fluency and perform well on the TOEFL.

Learn from experienced instructors who employ intensive, updated techniques so you can receive extraordinary results.

  • Learn English quickly and effectively
  • Practice accent reduction for improved communication at work or school
  • Learn English from American teachers who are experienced, friendly, and professional
  • Enjoy yourself socially in the heart of Los Angeles
  • Make new friends at school activities
  • Official testing center for the TOEFL iBT, so you can take the test onsite
  • Learn core English skills while getting specialized exam strategy training
  • Get an improved TOEFL score
  • Who is the Prep Course for the TOEFL iBT for?

      • Students preparing to take the TOEFL iBT exam
      • Students who would like to attend college or university in the United States
      • Students who want to greatly expand their English language vocabulary
      • Students looking for a more advanced and in depth study of the English language
      • Students interested in professional employment in any English speaking country

    How do you get accepted to a college, university, or a career school without a TOEFL score?

    1. First: Learn English at Cal-America
    2. Second: Successfully complete the advanced ESL and/or TOEFL class
    3. Third: Apply to a school that has a conditional acceptance agreement with Cal-America
    • You can be admitted to one of our partnered community colleges, vocational schools, or universities without a TOEFL score!
    • *Important Message - Course Repetition is NOT ALLOWED in this class*
    cal-america-poster-MOU-update.jpg Upon successful completion of Cal America’s advanced ESL and/or TOEFL program and with teachers’ recommendations, you can be accepted to some of the most popular colleges and career schools without a TOEFL score or any the score from any other standardized English proficiency test.

    Cal-America is your pathway to these higher education institutions:

    Santa Monica CollegeSanta Monica College Glendale Community CollegeGlendale
    Community College
    El Camino CollegeEl Camino College West LA CollegeWest LA College Los Angeles Trade-Tech CollegeLos Angeles
    Trade-Tech College
    East LA CollegeEast LA College The Art InstituteThe Art Institute California Baptist UniversityCalifornia Baptist
    Los Angeles Film SchoolLos Angeles
    Film School
    Academy of Radio & Television BroadcastingAcademy of Radio &
    Television Broadcasting
    National Polytechnic CollegeNational Polytechnic
    American University of Health SciencesAmerican University of
    Health Sciences
    Mt Sierra CollegeMt Sierra CollegeLiberty UniversityLiberty UniversityMI Air Aviation Education
MI Air Aviation Education
      • Do you want to teach English?
      • Are you interested in helping others?
      • Do you want to be challenged to expand your English language skills?
    Apply now for your TESOL Certification Course!

    The TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification course has been designed to be dynamic in order to challenge, stimulate, and prepare students just like you for teaching English to speakers of other languages. This TESOL seminar is designed to assist novices and teachers with minimal experience to become confident, successful educators in teaching ESL (English as a Second Language). To achieve this goal, the students are immersed in the most critical ESL methodologies. At the end of the course, you will teach an actual ESL classes utilizing the Grammar Translation Method and the Direct Method to showcase their knowledge, competencies, and abilities.

    During the intensive TESOL seminar, you will be required to:

      • Complete 80 instructional clock hours
      • Take a quiz
      • Write a three‐page academic paper comparing two of the most prominent methodologies
      • Teach a minimum of two (2) in‐class practicums to your fellow students

    By using the most up to date methodologies you gain invaluable teaching experience. Past alumni of the seminar have gone on to experience successful careers teaching English. This seminar is designed for students with an advanced English proficiency (minimum TOEFL IBT score of 65 or TOEIC 750 score).

    Click here to contact us or call 213-381-3377 for class schedule!