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How To Learn English In 4 Simple Steps!!!

Since intensive ESL courses are resuming on Monday, we wanted to share these 4 simple steps for learning English that you can use everyday to get the success you want and deserve!

1: Learn every day!
Learn new vocabulary words!
Study aspects of grammar you are unfamiliar with!
Watch English language videos with subtitles!
Practice speaking to an American!

At least 20 minutes a day you must expand your knowledge of English.

Complete the sentence with the English word a person from the United States would use!  Tell us your answer in the comments! Please share! Follow calamerica! Visit for spoken English classes in Los Angeles!   #Anglais #eigo #Ingles #Englishclass #IntensiveEnglish #loveEnglish #travel #arabworld #englishlesson #ielts #learnenglish #studyenglish #LosAngeles #TOEFL #TOEIC #ESL #EUA #studyabroad

2: Move towards your goal!
Why do you want to learn English?
To attend an English curriculum university?
To advance your career?

Whatever it is you want, always be thinking about it and take action to get it!

3: Make mistakes!
When you learn something new, try using it as soon as possible!
Be brave!
Ask for help!

If you’re not making mistakes then you aren’t even trying, and you definitely aren’t learning or growing.

4: Take responsibility for your own success.
At the Cal America Education Institute, we have caring, dedicated, professional ESL teachers with many years of experience.
Matt, Bianca, and Gannon will give you personalized attention and a proven structure for effectively learning English.
Adam, Maiko, and J will provide you with guidance and support you on your journey to English fluency.


However, it is ultimately YOU who will decide how good you will become at using English.

Choose to be great! You can do it! We are all cheering for you!






Click here for English classes taught by Matt Walsh at Cal America Education Institute in Los Angeles California, USA!

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