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English Program  

Cal America Education Institute is committed to helping international students to achieve their educational goals in the United States. We have provided international students with the best English training and academic preparation programs possible since 1990. In addition, our experience has told us that all international students want to communicate more effectively in English in the shortest time possible, at the same time they need special attention from someone whom they can count on while they are away from home. That is why we have designed and developed our English program to create a comfortable and friendly learning atmosphere and combine it with the latest teaching techniques to deliver results and, at the same time, help students improve their cross-cultural learning experience.

Thomas N. Pappas, Ph.D., Director

    Staff and Teachers  

At Cal America, the staff and teachers work together to make sure that your study at Cal America will be a very successful language learning experience. To make sure that our students' stay are rewarding and comfortable as possible, our staff always works very diligently to offer a friendly and enjoyable environment where getting to know each student is vital. Our staff is trained to pay close attention to the needs and goals of individual students and you can always count on our staff for assistance and advice.

While Cal America staff take care of them outside of classroom, our teachers are working hard to provide students with the most up-to-date teaching techniques and a friendly class atmosphere. Our instructors are native English speakers, and are certified by the State of California. They are well-trained and experienced in teaching English. More importantly, our teachers are incredibly friendly so that you can find them available both in the classroom and outside of the classroom.

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