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yokoI envision myself working as a legal interpreter in the future. To pursue my goal, it’s necessary to obtain professional English skill, which will allow me to translate documents for my clients. Furthermore, in my hometown of Okinawa, there are numerous opportunities to speak English with foreigners. Therefore, English will widen my career goals, my world view, and my associates.

Yoko – Japan

lisaMy life revolves around sports, specifically, competitive swimming. I came to the U.S. to improve my skills in swimming and to develop my English. In Los Angeles, I met interesting people that definitely changed my mind about American life.When I first arrived, I could only say a few words in English but CAL America helped me so much. I studied a lot of stimulating subjects, learned a great deal of knowledge, and established new friendships. I travel around the world a lot, but I definitely want to keep in touch with the special people which INext year I will study at an American University, where I can refine my mastery of English and swimming.
Thank you Cal America!

Lisa – Championship Swimmer

lanaToday is my last day at Cal America Education Institute. I have been studying at Cal America for about a year and a half. It’s been a wonderful time for me and I really enjoyed my studies because of the positive atmosphere, experienced teachers and sociable students. I have met peers and colleagues from many countries while being here, and I’m extremely happy I became real friends with so many of them. Also, Cal America gave me an opportunity to prepare for my future studies and for my future career. Thank you, Cal America! I love you! I wish everybody all the best and I hope to cross paths again in the future.

Lana – Russia

GiftI have never been bored studying English. The key to my studies is to have fun and to enjoy the challenge. English is not only for international communication but it is an important tool that unifies and connects us into one global village. Cal America is a wonderful institution, which makes studying English exciting.

Gift – Thailand

fernandoI study English because it’s a very important language worldwide. Additionally, it helps me to learn new things about interesting topics. Finally, it helps me to meet new people from different backgrounds and cultures. If I study hard, I can someday attend a great university!

Fernando – El Salvador

filipMy experience studying at Cal America was stupendous. First of all, the professors are very qualified. They always know the correct answers and the easiest explanations to teach us. Moreover, after studying just a few days, I felt like I was learning English with new friends. Also, the academic staff always helps me when I need it. The academic program is really complete, and it covers all areas. Furthermore, I enriched my knowledge by meeting students from different countries because they have shown me their customs, such as traditional cuisine, clothing and cultural tastes. Finally, I am very thankful to everyone to have this pleasant experience at Cal America.

Felipe – Brazil

AnnaI came to the United States a year and a half ago from Russia. I could barely speak English! At first, school was very difficult but gradually I learned to love it. Eventually, my English improved and now I believe that it is the easiest language to learn. Knowing English makes me more confident and provides me with more professional opportunities in my future career. Overall, I strongly believe that English is very important for success because of educational opportunities and globalization.

Anna – Russia

AlbertoMy experience within the institute was one of the best ones. It achieved my objective in the English course, the teachers are very good people and excellent teachers. All I have left is to say thank you to them and give them big hugs! We met a lot of people of different nationalities, which makes your stay pleasant. You learn about different cultures and meet new (and friendly!) people; for me they were of the best ones I’ve met and I will always keep them in my heart.

Alberto – Mexico