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The Cal America Crew goes Bowling at the Xlanes in Los Angeles!

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The best way to reinforce what you learn in a spoken English class is to actually use it!

We went bowling on Friday with several of our most dedicated students and three of our most experienced #ESL teachers at Cal-America; Matt, Bianca, and Pat!

It was also our last chance to hang out with Eddy, who is going back to Taiwan.

Everyone had a lot of fun practicing conversational English, getting to know each other better, and bowling at the newest lanes in Los Angeles!

Maybe next time you can join us!

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If you are an #ESL student you have to practice, practice, practice!

So the students and teachers from the Cal America language school went to the Xlanes in Los Angeles to practice conversational English, get to know each other better, and have fun bowling!!!

Our experienced teachers participate in student activities and create lasting relationships in the process.

Check out the Cal America Facebook page for upcoming events!…

Check out and sign up for a spoken English class in Los Angeles!!!

Any questions or comments? Leave a reply below!  - Matt

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